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Get The Perfect Ring in 5 Easy Steps

1. Find out what she likes. A great way to find out is to go window shopping together if you have been discussing marriage. However, if it’s a complete surprise try to get her close friend or relative to give you insight into what she wants.

2 Do your homework by visiting websites and 3-5 stores. Understand the basics around cut, clarity, and prices.

3. Narrow down where you want to purchase. Does the jeweler offer a lifetime ring check and cleaning? Free appraisal on completed ring?Does this jeweler specialize in quality GIA certified stones?

4. Focus on what holds a value. Quality stones always holds value. Quality is usually SI1 and better. If your budget is limited prioritize quality over size.

5. Last but not least. Does the jeweler have a reputation and brand she would be proud of?

That’s it! Plan the perfect Proposal.

Fine jewelry with G.I.A. certified diamonds for less than retail

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